Jentsch Berlin

  • Scala Kata Session

    This time we at Scala Usergroup Berlin toke a more practical approach than just talking. Together we tackled the kata FooBarQix from FooBarQix is an extension of the classical BizzBuzz. It’s a simulates how code evolves when more and more features are added. During the introduction I proposed a simple TDD cycle for this session: write a useful test, that tests only one feature and fails for the right reasons implement only as much is needed to make the test green optional, if and only if a pattern repeats three times: refactor your code.

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  • How to start with zio

    I gave talk on the Scala-Meetup Berlin about how to start using ZIO in a Play!-Application. It was more of a mob-programming session, than a talk. So no slides. We covered following topics: Integrate ZIO and Futures Use the environment to pass dependencies How to handle various kinds of errors ZIO avoids some of the more advanced Scala techniques like implicits

  • The Expression problem

    In this talk it tried to shed light on a problem that everyone of us has encountered in some form: the expression problem. The expression problem deals with the question of how data types and their associated operation can be kept open for later extension in the context of statically typed languages. Many different strategies have been described to solve or circumvent this issue both on an architectural and language level.

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  • When all abstraction is lost

    Scala Days Copenhagen 2017 Did you ever implement an asynchronous/distributed algorithm or data structure and wondered whether your implementation is correct? Did you ever try to solve this problem by testing thoroughly and a little bit of reasoning with the result being “the system will probably work correctly”? If you answered to any of these question with yes then this talk is definitely for you. In this Talk we will look at a novel approach to easily prove the correctness of concurrent/distributed systems with the help of an extension for ScalaTest.

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  • AutoLifts

    Talk about AutoLifts. This talk was part of the Scala-Meetup in Berlin. Slides